PlayStation 4


You will not believe it.

Cured and Personalized Content

PS4 console has the capacity to learn about your preferences. It can learn what you like and what you don't, allowing you to discover pre-charged content ready to launch into your console your favorite genres and your favorite creators. Players can also look into the information publish by their friends, watch gameplays and obtain information about recommended content.

Play while downloading

Increase the time you play with the new feature that allows you to start playing while you download content. PS4 downloads a part of your game so you can start playing, while the rest downloads on the background.

remote play

Remote Play in PS4 unleashes the potential of PlayStation Vita, transforming it into the perfect complementary device. With the PS Vita, players can immerse into the PS4 titles in the 5 inches screen through Wi-Fi.

Playstation app

The "PlayStation App" will allow smartphones iPhone, iPad and Android to transform into complementary screens for the PS4 system. Once installed in this devices, players can explore other elements of the game, buy PS4 titles and download them.


Increase your experience even further.

DUALSHOCK 4 innovates to bring major immersive experiences, including a six axis highly sensible sensor, as well a touch panel in the upper part of the controller, which offers the players new ways of  playing and interacting with the games. The new Share button allows to see and share videos in real time with just a click.

With PlayStation Camera share your videos while you play. Become the sensation on the community uploading you videos  while playing live. Create and share narrated gameplays in high definition and experience immersion in new levels  combining the PlayStation Camera and the DUALSHOCK Controller. Log in with facial recognition and navigate through the PS4 system menu.

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